6 industries that must take GDPR compliance and data anonymization seriously

by IZeko June 23, 2018 Customer stories, EU GDPR

GDPR enforcement date is approaching and it appears that many companies are still not properly prepared.

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Stay out of GDPR scope with BizDataX

Stay out of GDPR scope with data masking/data anonymization

by IZeko May 08, 2018 Customer stories, EU GDPR, Test data management topics

Everyone talks about GDPR these days. It is almost impossible not to notice companies that scare you with large fines

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BizDataX GDPR preparation

Preparing for EU GPDR part 2

by IZeko March 21, 2017 EU GDPR

When discussing data protection strategies with our clients they often raise a question of whether to use data anonymization or

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BizDataX EU GDPR compliance

Preparing for EU GDPR part 1

by IZeko January 19, 2017 EU GDPR

The goal of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that will come into effect in May 2018, is to harmonize data

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