Working with Runtime


BizDataX Runtime is a robust and scalable hosting environment designed for management and execution of BizDataX Packages. BizDataX Runtime includes a comprehensive set of tools such as tools to organize and configure packages, monitor BizDataX Job progress or track job history and changes made on packages and configurations. Runtime relies on industry proven technology stack and tools such as Microsoft Management Console and SQL Server to provide a robust environment for hosting of job execution and a familiar user experience for IT personnel that is managing it.

BizDataX Runtime is managed using a Management Console Snap-In which is a user interface built on top of the central management service. It is implemented as a Microsoft Management Console snap-in, a user-friendly and well known standard for managing systems based on Windows OS. BizDataX Jobs are executed in a hosting environment. The architecture allows execution of multiple jobs simultaneously. In addition, hosting environment can be installed on multiple machines to bring more processing power or other resources for better job performance when needed.

BizDataX Runtime consists of three major components:

  • central management service
  • management console
  • hosting environment


If you are looking for more in-depth technical information and user manuals check the BizDataX Runtime Online Help .