Working with Designer


Using BizDataX Designer Test Data Producers implement BizDataX Workflows and rules according to the business requirements defined within the BizDataX Portal. Workflow consists of sets of rules that implement scenarios like masking credit card info in all designated database fields or creating synthetic data for specific test cases or subsetting tables according to specific condition. To guarantee maximum flexibility and performance, BizDataX Designer integrates with the Microsoft Visual Studio environment and Workflow Editor. Wizards, visual clues and the toolbox support the process of defining the workflow and the rules. Drag-n-drop feature is supported and the Properties window is there to help tweak the details. The rules are designed visually using domain-specific terminology. One doesn’t have to think about tables, views, raw SQL, loops, cursors, transactions and such. BizDataX seamlessly integrates the features of .NET platform offering full support for programming languages such as C#. Workflows and rules could also be reused on other data sources.

If you are looking for more in-depth technical information and user manuals check the BizDataX Designer Online Help .

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