Use Sample Package


BizDataX Designer provides a sample data masking package, built around the Adventure Works LT database. This sample demonstrates common principles and data masking algorithms supported by the BizDataX and it is a good starting point for learning how to develop BizDataX packages.




The AdventureWorksLT sample package demonstrates three data masking techniques:

  • Subsetting
  • Randomization and redaction (blacking-out)
  • Shuffling


UseSamplePackage_2Subsetting reduces the number of records in the Customer table and all related records from SalesOrderHeader, SalesOrderDetail,CustomerAddress and Address tables. Subseting, as implemented in this sample, demonstrates the power of Entity Framework, Microsoft’s object-relational mapping technology that is used for data access.


Also, the logic is implemented as a custom Activity, demonstrating how easy it is to integrate custom .Net code with the rest of the data masking logic.


UseSamplePackage_3Randomization and redaction (blacking-out) are used to replace original values in specific columns in Customer and Addresstables with blanks, nulls, constant strings or replacement values from ready-made lists of person or city names and similar. Some parts of the randomization are implemented as custom .Net code.


UseSamplePackage_4Shuffling masks data by randomly moving around values stored in columns within a given set of records. Sample demonstrates how shuffling can be used to break the relationship between customerand corresponding sales orders. After shuffling, sales orders are connected with different, randomly chosen customer. Shuffling, as implemented here, helps to protect privacy of customers which could be exposed if someone knew who ordered what.