Runtime Configurations


BizDataX Runtime components can be installed on a single system or on multiple systems. We will explain some typical configurations to help you understand the value of options available.




SBDX RT Cfg2ingle host configuration is the configuration where all components of BizDataX Runtime are installed on a single computer. This is the simplest type of installation that you could get by executing the installation wizard on a single machine. Single host installation is recommended if performance is not critical, i.e. for situations when you don’t expect to use data masking very often or databases that you plan to mask are of moderate size.


BDX RT Cfg3Installation wizard lets you setup a configuration with central management service installed on one and hosting environment installed on another system. This leads to a configuration with one host dedicated to execution of data masking packages. Dedicated host could bring more processing power or other resources for better data masking performance in scenarios when masking is expected to be used very often or databases that are masked are larger.


BDX RT Cfg4N-host configuration allows you to have components of BizDataX Runtime distributed over multiple hosts. I.e. you could have a single installation of central management service and multiple installations of hosting environment working together to bring superior performance or to enable parallelization during data masking of a very large database.

Installation wizard lets you utilize some of the systems that you might have. I.e. you could configure central management service to work with a database server that is also being used for different other applications.