Reference Ready-made Replacement Data


Masking/anonimyzing of personal data like person names or addresses is very common. Sometimes it is OK to replace real names with generated data such as “Person 1”, “Person 2” or similar. However, generally it is better to use better algorithms, i. e. those capable of generating a real replacement Spanish male first name for a person that comes from Spain. BizDataX provides a comprehensive set of ready-made replacement data to ensure that masked data looks and feels like real data. Replacement values are stored in a database that is called lookup database.

Lookup database contains the following tables:

  • FirstName table – contains person first names with sex and count ry data
  • LastName table – contains last names with country data
  • PostalCode table – contains geographical data such as cities and ZIP codes with region details
  • Street table – containing common street names with country data




Recommended strategy for using lookup database within data masking packages is to use ADO.NET Entity Framework model for lookup database and reference values when needed byLookupAction and the CaseLookupAction worklflow activities.

ReferenceReady-madeReplacementData_3LookupAction uses a given list of replacement values, i.e. list of last names, to pick an item randomly. Some attribute of the item is then extracted, i. e. last name of a record from LastName table as a replacement value. The replacement value is then used instead of a real person’s last name found in a data record that is being masked. See online documentation for details.


CaseLookupAction is similar to LookupAction, it also picks replacement values randomly. The difference is thatCaseLookupAction uses contextual information while selecting a replacement value into account. I. e. customer’s only replacement last names for France will be used for person with address in France. Check documentation for details.


Equivalents for LookupAction and CaseLookupAction exist when data masking is defined incustom code solutions.