Receive Notifications


Data masking of a large database with a feature-rich data masking transformations could last for a while. In addition to parallelism, a possibility to use dedicated hosts to execute data masking packages and many other performance improvements, BizDataX Runtime executes data masking packages asynchronously. This means that even when execution of a data masking configuration is started manually from BizDataX monitoring console, it doesn’t block the console and it doesn’t stop if the console is closed. Also, a running instance of a BizDataX monitoring console is not needed for scheduled execution of a data masking configuration to be started. This works because a process that is hosting a data masking package execution executes as a stand-alone separate process.

When lengthy and asynchronous operations are being managed, it comes handy to be able to configure notifications to i.e. receive email messages about important events and checkpoints that occur or are reached during the execution. The hosting process monitors specific execution lifecycle events (package start, package end, step start,step end, error) and communicates important information to BizDataX central management service. BizDataX central management service sends email notifications to email addresses as configured via monitoring console.


Tipp: To learn more about notifications, visit section ‘Configuring notifications‘ and learn how to configure a masking configuration to send email notifications.