Project Reports


BizDataX Portal consolidates information collected by various platform subsystems and creates HTML reports that can be persisted, exported and customized according to the user’s needs.

Requirements report lists all project related policies and requirements as defined in Managing Project Policies section.

Figure 12: Requirements report

Workflow implementation report contains information relevant for test data workflow implementers (Test Data Producers) such as policy requirements and implementation notes for each database field from within the selected data sources.

Figure 13: Get all information relevant for Test Data Producers, use workflow implementation report

BizDataX Job Report provides consolidated information after the particular BizDataX Job completion. Report provides users with rich information that includes:
  • Final status of the job (success, failure)
  • List of critical errors (if existing)
  • Statistical information on the total records deleted, inserted or updated
  • Summary info over DBMS technology accessed, operations detail, tables
  • Any other user defined counter needed for quality assurance or other reasons


Figure 14: Job report with counts of records processed and totals by technology and operation







job execution report tagsFigure 15: Job report with breakdown of counters according to table and counters related to tagging