Processing Related Records

Processing related records

BizDataX supports a very important concept that enables creating records for objects that are in some sort of a relationship. Related records can be processed by usage of a queue concept. While records in the parent table are being processed, additional records for the child table can be added to a queue for later processing.

Figure 38: Enqueuing related addresses while generating synthetic customer records

This rule in the example above creates two addresses for each generated customer. “Range” settings are used to generate random number of related records (addresses) per parent record (customer) while “Count factory” setting can generate the number of related records which is equal to expression result. 

queue process

Figure 39: Processing addresses from the queue

This feature works with arbitrary number of queues and arbitrary number of relationship levels, e.g. you could setup rules with child table having another child table or add items to more than one queue while processing records.