Management Console

Management Console

BizDataX Management Console (BizDataX MC) is a user interface built on top of the BizDataX central management service. The console is built as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-In which is a standardized system administration interface on Windows® platforms. 

Figure 47: BizDataX Management Console user interface elements

BizDataX MC window is divided into three regions: console tree, main display area and actions pane. Console tree is a hierarchical structure which shows navigation nodes for different snap-ins and snap-in options. Whenever a node in a console tree is selected, a node view with detailed information and additional options is displayed in the main display area. Also, actions available according to node selection are displayed in the actions pane and in different context menus.

BizDataX Runtime artefacts are accessible from Package Groups node in the console tree. Package Groups node contains groups of package configurations. Each package configuration node represents actual package with additional configuration parameters, process structure and history information.

Figure 48: Package information as visible through BizDataX Management Console

When certain node is selected in the console tree, main display area shows details; e.g. when node representing the BizDataX Package is selected, general information about the package and execution statistics is shown. Main area displays available configuration options where you can set configuration parameters or notification settings. Actions pane shows only actions available according to the context. 

package configuration details

Figure 49: Package configuration details are displayed in management console main display area and actions in actions pane when package configuration is selected