Labeling Test Data for Test Cases

Labeling test data for test cases

If you strive to implement continuous testing practice, then you want your test cases to have relevant test data (virtually) all the time. When you execute BizDataX Package to create new testing database instance, you will get different values (e.g. first and last names in the customers table) for each and every run. This will make it hard for testers to find relevant test case data (a customer that we used to test a form for opening a new account yesterday may no longer be available). BizDataX solves this issue by introducing test data labeling feature. This feature supports linking test data to the designated test case under a specific condition.

Figure 43: Labeling data to target test cases

Test data labeling can be combined with conditional logic, statistical distribution and many other rules.  

Figure 44: Labeling data about 13-year old customers to test opening of new account, positive and negative cases included, nested conditions accessing data from a different table

Labeled test data can be exported during the BizDataX Job execution as an XML file or through BizDataX APIs to third party test management and automation tools.

Figure 45: Test data labels in xml format


Option: BizDataX also supports masking original values to the same value after each job run, effectively enabling testers to use always the same values for test cases. However this option lowers the data protection level and should be exercised with caution.