Implement Masking Rules Visually


BizDataX supports all data masking techniques like suppression, redaction (blacking-out), substitution, randomization, generalization and shuffling. BizDataX Designer makes it easy to compose any data masking workflow visually, no matter how complex it is. When complex data masking logic is being defined visually, it comes handy that certain parts of the workflow editor can be expanded, collapsed or opened in a separate window.


For common data masking operations, such as replacement with a constant value, generating of a social security or a credit card number, toolbar shapes are available.

ImplementMaskingRulesVisually_2The SetConstantValueAction replaces property value with a provided constant. It is the basis of BizDataX’s support forredaction (blacking out). The value of the constant is given as an .Net expression, with enables the definition of a string, i.e. “My Company” or “XXX-XXX-XXXX”, or something like Nothing which represents a null value).



ImplementMaskingRulesVisually_3The SetUSSocialSecurityNumberAction is capable of generating random valid US social security numbers. Two common formats are supported, the format with and the format without dashes. The shape can be configured to save the generated number into an objects property, i.e. to replace the original social security number.



The SetCreditCardNumberAction can be used when replacement credit card numbers are needed. One can select the type of the credit card do give generator a hint if credit card numbers of some specific vendor are preferred.