Generating Synthetic Data

Generating Synthetic Data

BizDataX enables setting up rules for both masking existing data and generating synthetic data in the same workflow. Setting up rules to generate synthetic data is actually very similar to setting up rules to mask existing data. See Anonymizing Existing Data for details on how to mask existing data. The sole difference lies in the fact how you setup the query part. In the example below, if you want to create new customers, you need to use the method “CreateNew” in the context of the “Customer” table.

Figure 37: Create 1000 synthetic customer records, apply rules to newly created records

Further activities like name and/or email anonymization need not be changed (depending of the user scenario).

Option: CreateNew is an advanced method that enables copying existing records from another table and database. This is supported by the LINQ platform and is a powerful way to create new records from information based on a variety of sources.