Executing Packages

Executing Packages

To start package execution select a corresponding node in a console tree and invoke Execute action.

execute package

Figure 55: Using context menu options or actions pane to start the execution of the package from BizDataX Management Console

Start package execution dialog can be used to set execution specific parameters.

Figure 56: Setting execution specific parameters

Package execution instance (a.k.a. BizDataX Job) starts on a machine that hosts package execution environment. A new node appears in BizDataX MC under History. By clicking on the node, one can monitor details about the job execution in real-time.


Figure 57: Monitoring job execution details in real time 

Hosting environment can be requested to abort the job. To abort the job select the execution node in BizDataX MC and invoke Abort action.

Figure 58: Aborting job using context menu options or actions pane

An ‘Abort package execution’ dialog is displayed letting you enter the reason why you are aborting the execution. Some time can pass before the execution is actually aborted because the system waits for executing operations to do some cleanup and finish.

Option: Administrators can abort a job abruptly by ending the BDXPackageHost process using standard operating system tools if for some reason immediate abort is necessary. Ending the BDXPackageHost process stops just one job because each job is hosted by its own BDXPackageHost process instance.

Option: Job related tasks can also be done by help of the command line tool. Command line tool may support additional options, i.e. allow you to fine tune all available options for a customized package execution.