Enforcing Referential Integrity

Enforcing referential integrity

Repeating is a powerful BizDataX mechanism that supports referential integrity (i.e. data integrity) across database boundaries. Referring to the basic BizDataX demo project as described in previous section, if there are other “FirstName” and “LastName” fields in other database tables or in another databases or even in text files then repeating mechanism supports changing first and last names consistently across all data stores. This feature is crucial for supporting data integrity in testing environments.


Figure 36: Configuring repeating to preserve referential integrity

How repeating works? It uses key properties (CustomerID) to identify the record. First time when record with certain value is being processed, random value from the list is selected and also recorded to a cross reference table (RepeaterID = “firstname repeating”). Each time when record with the same original CustomerID value is being processed, the value from the cross reference table is used.

Option: Repeating can be saved for future use, i.e. one can load previously saved repeating tables to achieve predictable masking results when rules are executed repeatedly.