Creating new Packages


Creating a new BizDataX package is easy, just use the BizDataX Package project template (it can be found under the BizDataX project templates group).


CreatingnewPackages_2The project generated from the template looks like a regular .Net class library project with references and imports set as required for development of BizDataX data masking/generation packages. The main part of the solution is a Package.xaml file, this is where data transformation logic is specified.





CreatingnewPackages_3The data transformation logic is defined visually. When the Package.xaml file is opened for editing, Visual Studio displays a standard Windows Workfow Editor surface. I.e. if Package.xaml from template is opened, the Workflow Editor shows default workflow called “HelloWorldScope” containing a sequence of Write* shapes.



CreatingnewPackages_4To add an operation to the logic, just drag-n-drop an item from the toolbar to the designer surface. I.e. use items from Control Flow group for branching or loops. To add a specific data masking operation use items from BizDataX Core or BizDataX Util group.









Most important settings of an operation can be set directly on a designer surface. I.e. one can click into the textbox with message“Hello world” of a WriteLine shape and change it to “Hello world, changed!”. This will change the message that is written to the console when the data masking logic is executed.


CreatingnewPackages_6Details can be set via Properties section. I.e. one can change severity of a log message for a WriteLog operation fromLogSeverity.Info to LogSeverity.Error with help of an expression editor which launches automatically. The editor supports Visual Studio Intellisence.


CreatingnewPackages_7Running and debugging the data masking package from Visual Studio is no different than running and debugging of any other executable project. One needs to hit F5 or choose Debug -> Start Debugging menu option. This launches an instance of BDXPackageHost console application which starts executing the data masking logic as it is defined in the Package.xaml.