Configuring Parameters


Data masking configuration contains metadata such as connection strings and other configuration parameters needed to execute data masking logic. Packages that require such contextual information expose workflow input arguments and define corresponding metadata. Details about how to use BizDataX Design Components to define package input arguments can be found in Design Components documentation. BizDataX management console shows parameters exposed by the package inConfiguration tab of the main display area.



To set a value for a package input argument, click into a value cell of the corresponding row in the configuration table. For primitives values can be typed directly into the grid, for complex types a value editor dialog is used. After the value is set, a star (*) appears next to a name of the package configuration and two additional actions become available, Accept changes and Discard changes. Use Accept changes to save modifications to the configuration.

configuringparameters_2Arguments can be defined in a scope of a package or in scopes of individual steps. Configuration table displays only package-scoped arguments when a package node is selected and only step-scoped arguments when a step node is selected in console tree.


Explore package configuration documentation for additional information about supported data types of input arguments and corresponding value editors.