Configuring Notifications


BizDataX Job that performs data masking of a large database with a feature-rich data masking transformations could last for a while. In addition to parallelism, a possibility to use several dedicated hosts to execute jobs, BizDataX Runtime also executes jobs asynchronously. When lengthy and asynchronous operations are being managed, it comes handy to be able to configure notifications to receive email messages about important events and checkpoints. BizDataX Runtime includes an email based notification system to deliver notifications about important package execution checkpoints.

Notifications can be configured within a scope of a whole package or within individual steps. BizDataX MC displays package notification settings under the Notification settings tab of the main display area. Check “Enable notification”, select execution events to send notifications for (execution start, end or error) and define email settings (recipient, subject, body etc.) to receive notifications.

Figure 59: Managing package execution notifications 

Notification settings can be defined to inform about step events. When defining notification settings in a scope of a package step, an option exists to inherit settings from a scope of a package.

Figure 60: Managing step execution notifications