BizDataX Package Registration


BizDataX Runtime manages and executes registered data masking packages. Initial data masking configuration is created during the registration process. Configurations of registered packages can be modified with tools available in BizDataX management console.

To register a new package configuration, invoke the Register Package action in BizDataX management console while a node representing a configuration group is selected. A dialog is displayed enabling you to browse for package files and give the configuration a name.



bdxpackageregistration_2After a successful registration, package configuration can be accessed under the node representing the configuration group. The configuration is initially disabled. It has to be enabled first and then individual configuration parameters can be set and configuration can be executed.


bdxpackageregistration_3Management console displays details about package structure under the Process structure node. Process structure is inferred from the package during the registration process. The level of details displayed depends upon how package structure was defined during design. I.e. if data masking steps were used extensively, more details about the structure would be displayed.


bdxpackageregistration_4Main display area of the management console displays detailed information about the package or steps. In addition, options toconfigure parameters and set notification settings are available in that area.

Visit online documentation for details.