Next stop TechDays 2013, Basel, Switzerland

A premier Microsoft conference in Switzerland, the TechDays 2013 took place on November 12th and 13th in Basel. Over 1000 participants had a chance to take part on both development and IT pro sessions presenting Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Web Technologies, Office 365, SharePoint, Private-Public-Hybrid Cloud, Windows Server and Client, SQL Server, Office System, just to name a few. Not less interesting was in the exhibition hall where 14 sponsors (including Ekobit / BizDataX) presented their products and solutions. We presented BizDataX, our Test Data Management Solution and TeamCompanion, an Outlook AddIn that connects Outlook with the Team Foundation Server.
If you think that challenges of generating high quality test data would not be interesting to audience comprised primarily of developers and IT professionals you will be wrong! We got lots of feedback from the attendees describing their significant efforts in generating test data for the application pools. It is clear that IT departments need to focus more on automating the process of test data management (if they want to stay efficient and comply to the data privacy acts). Anyway, we had great two days in Basel, delivered a number of presentations and enjoyed talking to attendees and other sponsors. Here are just a couple of pictures, to recall a great atmosphere on the conference!

IMG_2625WP_20131112_003 IMG_2623