BizDataX version 2.0 released!

We are proud to announce general availability of BizDataX Test Data Management solution v2.0! BizDataX v2.0 features improved data masking capabilities and support for both synthetic data generation and equivalence partitioning. Consistent multi table and multi database test data generation? No problem, just drag-n-drop..

BizDataXLogoBizDataX Test Data Management v2.0 is officially released! You will find many new items in a redesigned BizDataX toolbox. We’ve extended synthetic data generation tools to support consistent data generation across multiple tables and databases. You can initiate data generation “from scratch” or from metadata resulting from equivalence partitioning analysis (Äquivalenzklassen). Solution now includes feature-rich sampling and suppression toolsets to fully support synthetic data generating and equivalence partitioning end to end.

All masking rule designers are improved for usability. Specialized designers, like number sequence generator, can be used instead of generic ones. Every masking rule can now be annotated to explain intentions. We have implemented many new country and industry specific algorithms, e.g. AHV number generator and IBAN generator for Switzerland.

New version brings improved integration with Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Big points: integration with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, rule designers with full C# and .Net 4.5 experience, automated publishing of masking packages to BizDataX Runtime. Some nice-to-haves are worth mentioning too. BizDataX now fully integrates with Entity Framework Data Modeling: just drag-n-drop table and start defining data masking rules.

BizDataX masking engine and Runtime were improved to offer better support for implicit and explicit multithreading and parallelism and utilize full power of modern hardware. More information on new features will be posted soon on the blog. Stay tuned.