BizDataX Designer and Visual Workflow Editor

BizDataX Designer toolbox and industry specific algorithms extend the Microsoft Visual Studio Workflow Editor bringing unparalleled experience in implementing complex data masking and data generation workflows. You get both great user experience and a powerful development environment with unlimited enhancement options that will fulfill any customer’s needs.
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Transparency and compliance for business users

Data protection officers, auditors, security officers, test managers and other stakeholders enjoy the benefit of having transparent insight in every aspect of the test data provisioning process. From the requirements phase leading to the planning and implementation phase, up to the operations phase, BizDataX delivers insightful reports that help tracking the process for  auditing or security inspections. This is a prerequisite for maintaining compliance with regulations like GDPR, PCI-DSS and DSG. Read more..


DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, VSAM, Sybase, XML and Text files, Office documents are just some of the database formats BizDataX supports.

BizDataX Sensitive Data Discovery module implement various techniques to find sensitive data accross all data stores.

BizDataX also enables setting up Referential Integrity (RI) across database, system and application boundariesRead more..

Relevant test data.

BizDataX provisions test data that meets test cases requirements in terms of

  • Data quantity
  • Data quality
  • Data consistency

Test data delivered is realistic, but not real. BizDataX uses a number of algorithms to mask or anonymize sensitive data in order to conform to Data Privacy Acts, Governance and Complaince regulations.

Data subsetting.

Testing process is able to function and even benefit from using smaller subsets of originally huge sets of production records. Smaller databases lower the investment in hardware and software licenses needed to build a testing environement.
BizDataX enables you to define criteria to extract the minimal relevant subset of original data that targets specific test scenario. The engine takes database, application and constraints inferred from business rules to produce consistent data, i.e. to preserve Referential Integrity as defined in the database or by the application logic.
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Equivalence partitioning

BizDataX enables you to define criteria for identifying and grouping of equivalent records and equivalence partitioning support (or Äquivalenzklassen in German). Groups of records can be analyzed to identify special cases and achieve 100% test case coverage. The results can be used by the sampling and subsetting engine to extract the minimal relevant subset of original data or by generators to generate synthetic data that targets specific test scenarios.

Integration with test management and test automation tools.

Organizations report that they spend between 50-75 of every 100 minutes of manual test execution time on finding and preparing appropriate test data. Yet they are still unable to achieve stable test automation due to lack of reliable test data control.
BizDataX provides connectors to the leading test management and automation tools that automate test case execution by feeding the tools with the relevant test data. Connectors are available for  Tricentis Tosca, imbus TestBench, Selenium and other test suites.


Analyze, load and mask arbitrary number of databases containing terabytes of data, hundreds of tables, and billions of records. BizDataX analyzes declarative rules to determine the optimal execution plan, generate statements, and achieve the best possible performance with parallel execution and paging of large record sets.
BizDataX can be installed on a single or on multiple systems, virtualized or real and managed centrally using Management Console.
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BizDataX is cost-effective

Costs associated with the test data management include:

  • Testers time lost (up to 50%!) during searching for relevant test data, manually creating data or testing with the wrong data.
  • Testing infrastructure costs (server, storage, network..)
  • Data breach costs

BizDataX is designed to significantly lower or avoid these costs making the testing process more efficient, cost effective and resistant to data breaches.
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