About BizDataX

As we started BizDataX Test Data Management Project back in 2006. we were driven by the following promise towards our clients: To provision relevant test data, on demand, for every enterprise scenario at minimum costs.

Now, did you know that testers spend up to 50% of their time searching for relevant test data, manually creating data and testing with the wrong data?

This is why test data management is so important within the testing process. In a complex IT landscapes provisioning test data for a large number of applications with a number of different application versions is sometimes near to impossible. Or this were at least our clients’ thoughts before they started to use BizDataX. What really made a difference is the state-of-the-art Workflow Editor and the BizDataX Runtime Engine that allowed for even the most complex data masking and data generation procedures applied to a variety of data sources. Unlike other products on the market, BizDataX does not have a limited number of predefined scenarios that work well with some of the data stores. Enterprise clients IT landscapes are unique and they need a test data management solution that can address all enterprise requirements. What they need is a test data management platform, easy to configure and maintain, extremely powerful in the design phase, with outstanding performance in the operations phase, open to integration and providing tools in place that enable business stakeholders to define and reach their business goals.
BizDataX is designed from the ground up to meet the objectives of a full-fledged test data management platform. Moreover, BizDataX, with its advanced data transformation capabilities, could be easily utilized for a variety of scenarios. Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, marketing and sales reports and presentations can have a great business use of the data that is generated or extracted and transformed from production environments without compromising data security.

Best regards,

Vedran Brnicevic
Co-Owner, Member of the Board